Senin, 28 November 2016

Kitchen Counters And Dining Tables

Kitchen Counters And Dining Tables - The dining room has long been considered by social psychologists as one of the main rooms in a home where the family spends quality time together. This is where they strengthen family bonds through comforting conversations, which enriches the dining experience through shared happiness and sorrows. In the old days, the dining room furniture looks larger or wider to accommodate a nuclear family with several children, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and many cousins. However, modern families now have become smaller and their preferences for the types and styles of kitchen and dining tables have also changed.

Kitchen Counters And Dining Tables
Another trend in cheap dining tables is to choose styles that transform a two-seater set into a four-seater or more. Three popular styles of compartmentalized dining tables include the drop-leaf, the gateleg, and the dinette. A drop-leaf table seats at least two people and features a folding portion of the table top, which converts into a four-seater at a moment’s notice. Although the table’s drop-leaf top is visible, it doesn’t look awkward or ugly when left folded over one side. Continue reading...

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