Senin, 28 November 2016

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories - Setup the kitchen in your first apartment by bringing home essential kitchen accessories and appliances. Choose accessories and kitchen appliances that are durable, have smart features and look great in your apartment space.

Kitchen Accessories
Pots and pans for basic, everyday cooking are kitchen accessories every apartment should have. Choose green products such as pots and pans made with mineral-based coating and recycled materials. This kitchenware is PTFE-free and doesn’t contain silicone oil making them perfectly safe to use. Try to choose clean and eco-friendly kitchen products for your first apartment as they are good for your home, the environment and can help build a green kitchen. A cookware set with a sauce pan, a skillet and a soup pot can take care of your basic cooking needs. Add specialized cooking equipment such as Dutch ovens and roasters over time to your kitchen. Read more...

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