Senin, 28 November 2016

Garden Kitchens

Garden Kitchens - Even if you only have a patio, a terrace or a balcony, you can create a garden in the centre of the city. Not only a garden, but an outdoor room in which you can sit, relax and entertain. Your very own Eden.

Garden Kitchens
If your outdoor area is north facing and gets no sunlight, it is more difficult, but you can still turn it into a green area by growing shade-loving plants. Most of these are moist condition plants so the planting can be combined with creating a water feature. Plant a variety of ferns to give a variety of leaf types and different heights and shapes. The giant holly fern grows to a height of 4 feet, the ostrich feather fern grows to three feet, other British ferns such as the maidenhair and the marginatum group has heights between 18 inches and two feet. They need a slightly acidic soil, so plant them in compost designed for growing rhododendrons or azaleas. Continue reading...

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